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Reawakening 2012
« on: July 21, 2013, 12:07:14 pm »
In September 2012 I had begun feeling energy quite strongly again and decided to have a past life regression done.  When I was under, I was told that my guide would appear to me.  I saw an old native, didn't feel right, so I let it go.  I saw a raven, didn't feel right, so I let that go as well.  Then a dog came through the grass and I burst into tears and cried "it's my dog!!".  My dog Kaylee, who had passed 7 years ago now, had come to lead me to my guide during this experience.  She lead me off to the left and at first I saw an arm reach out towards me and then I could see all of her.  She is tall with long red hair and she told me her name is Aleniara.  The regressionist said that normally the guides take us to a place like a movie theater or somewhere with a screen to watch the past life.  Aleniara took me through a busy park with an outdoor movie theater, then we came to an old row house and walked through to the back room.  There there were 2 arm chairs and an old black and white tv with rabbit ears, centered in front of the chairs.  We didn't even sit down, for the next thing I found myself in an open field beneath a clear night sky full of blazing stars.  Aleniara reaches her arm up to the sky and points and says to me "that is your home".  The regressionist then asks whether there is anything that she needs me to see and Aleniara replies "Erin is not from here".  I then got to play with Kaylee some before coming out of the trance.  That experience confirmed what I had been feeling.
  I then began having visions during a meditative state, waking dreams, or dream time.  I began to remember who I was and what skills I had that I was to bring to this lifetime during this time of rebuilding.  As I said in my awakening story, I had memories of levitating crystals.  I have been told by Metatron that I was/am a crystal activator.  A crystal custodian.  Nearly all my memories involve crystals.  I have become reacquainted with an aspect of myself who is a dragon named Bighefed.  I see her in my minds eye.  She is indigo in color, sitting back on her haunches wth her wings pulled back behind her.  She has her hands in front of her and is holding quartz.  She is very benevolent, very wise and kind.  I have seen crystals rising from the earth in my visions and am rocked by the flow of energy when this occurs.  I have discovered that Aleniara is an old dear friend and that I am from the Pleiades system.  I am watched and guided by her and my partner Koin, who are both on ship.  Aleniara works on me energetically and she and Sananda perform any activations I might require.  When I am being worked on, if the room is darkened, I can see their forms and can sometimes see the light they give off.  It is a very soothing feeling of knowing you are cared for with such love.
  I generally have memorable dreams that carry much meaning.  Heavy on the symbolism at times, others are quite open in what is being conveyed.  I have been on ship during meetings, that is a vague blur.  I know Jeff and I are to be an ambassadors when it comes time for our families to reunite with us here on Earth.  I see ships landing in dreams or the sky is full with their beauty.
  In October, I had an experience while putting my youngest to bed.  I felt myself sink into the mattress, felt as though I had sunk about 8 inches, and then I felt a scan begin.  From my crown all the way to my toes and back and forth again and again.  Then I heard a booming voice in my head, I wasn't able to make out the words, but I had the feeling I was being asked to do something, and I responded with "yes, I will".
  I have seen myself on ship, I have felt myself falling through space and watching the stars as I passed by them and then felt the impact reverberate through my body physical now body, as I hit something.  I remember a house with a red wall and floor to ceiling windows on either side.  Lately, I have been receiving the message that I am ready.  Yes, I am.

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