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Sedona 2001
« on: July 21, 2013, 11:38:39 am »
My experiences in Sedona began with an ever increasing flooding of energy.  When we arrived in Sedona, our B&B host pointed out some ships in the sky.  As my mom and I watched, more appeared and they began coming closer.  Over the next few days, we had been participating in a guided spiritual tour.  Our guide had taken us to a park to participate in a meditation.  As our guide shook her rattle to a beat, I felt intense energy under my arms pushing them up and over my head.  My mom looks at me and asks what I am doing.  I tell her, "it's not me".  I then begin to be pushed backwards until I am laying bent backwards over the table.  I can see that what ever force is manipulating me, wants me to lay down.  So I ask it to ease up and I will lay on the ground.  Once I am laying down, I feel as though heavy weights have been placed over my arms, legs and torso, I can't move at all.  I am only able to stare up into the trees overhead.  I didn't see anything, just felt the energy.  Our guide began to freak out and demanded that I be let go and I was then able to stand up.  During much of that trip, I could feel myself being nudged in certain directions.  I would feel the energy become heavy on one side of me urging me to turn a certain way.  I was being guided.  To this day, I don't know what it was I was meant to see or experience that day in the park.  Near the end of our stay, our guide took us to an old medicine wheel.  We all were asked to go and collect rocks to add to the wheel.  I went off on my own and at one point passed through a section of bush.  Once I stepped through I felt as though I was surrounded, being ganged up on from all sides.  It scared the living **** out of me and I got out of there.  Once I stepped through the bush to the other side, that energy went away.  I decided to test it, so I stepped back through again and was once again bombarded.  I began seeing energy around everything, but over time, I suppressed that as it became too distracting, although now I would like to turn it back on.  I have sat upon the cliff edge at Angel rock and felt my grandfather holding my hand.

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