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Joseph Bryan-Royster

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Re: Evo buddies
« on: January 07, 2014, 11:10:27 am »
Hi Amy,

I listened to Elemental Evolution on 5D Media network this morning and am seeking a social networking connection for building the New Paradigm together with like minded people. I follow the OPAL Tour and am participating in the OPAL East Coast Interface and have computer issues trying to use Project XIII as a social networking platform though I have an AES key for access. Microsoft Silverlight, upon which this encrypted program runs does not allow a large enough window for clicking navigation bars at the edges of the dashboard on my Toshiba laptop. I think this was a download issue with a beta version, so I have no way to use Caleb Skinner's software without technical help. Until this is resolved, Evobuddies seems to be my best social networking option here among the One People and I just joined Soul Family so may connect with you and others who become Evobuddies. Collective individual sovereignty as equals is the only non-hierarchal alternative to the current competitive market system here on Earth and I look to see ecovillages forming and creating a de-centralized network of co-operation for transforming this planet...