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The One People / I UV / Mark Hoza: Update on Project XIII
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 11:49:59 pm »
Mark Hoza: Update on Project XII

Posted in the ďupdates form MarkĒ Skype Room 7.16.13

Just had a chat with Caleb.  He just re-submitted the Windows Mobile App for Project xiii to the app store.  If it passes it will be available as early as Saturday.  And if it doesnít go through for some reason in the Windows Mobile store then they will have to take it back to the bench.

So donít count on it coming out this time, and also donít expect to access your value with it with this version.  It wonít be set up for that until that is added after Heather does what she needs to do and then Caleb adds that feature.

The iPhone App will follow, but not set on a date for that, yet.  It will be soon, however.  I wonít say a date.  When I know that it has been submitted or even availabel Iíll say then.

It will start out at no charge until he is happy that everything is running smoothly and he adds the payment for service on it.

Silverlight version for Windows and Mac is being developed, but no estimated date to release.  Heíll be focused on getting that done now, as long as the Windows Mobile App gets accepted.

Once the Apps are released then he has to have the website running to set up new accounts.  The Apps will be free for all platforms.  Itís the Pxiii account that will cost $1/month once that is being billed for.  (Free for now, as I said before.)  I neglected to ask the question when the website will be working to set up new accounts.  Just didnít think of that detail.  I just expect that he has that figured out, but I will find out how it will work and say when I know.

If you want to pass on this information I would like to have this all copied so that people donít start saying Pxiii is coming out Saturday or something like that.  I am saying that it has been re-submitted to the Windows Mobile App store.  If it is accepted then it will likely be available Saturday or shortly thereafter.  If it has any issues that they havenít picked up then it will be rejected for further patches until it passes.  Caleb of course thinks it will pass because he submitted it.  But he also thought it would pass the first time, so be real about it and know that it will come available as soon as it passes the submission process.

General Discussion / Chatroom Transcript requests
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 10:44:15 pm »
If you are interested in reading earlier conversations from the Locum Synodalum Skype group, please comment here or email the admin:
Prayer Requests / A Prayer Request from Mariann
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 10:42:08 pm »
I have a friend, Lee, who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is on the waiting list for a new kidney and has rheumatoid arthritis. Her older brother died of cancer a few years ago. Please hold her in your prayers. She is asking for prayers for herself, her mother who is 93 (Jean) and the rest of her family. I do not think I will give her last name but she was born in Chillicothe, MO which is enough to hold her in your prayers. Thank you.
Awakening Stories / Ooh!
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 08:53:33 pm »
I love your garden!
General Discussion / Tell us what you want to see here!
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 07:00:14 pm »
This forum is created for all of us to share. Please feel free to make suggestions for appropriate topics that you'd like to see on here. Feedback is always welcome.
Intentional Communities and Projects / Evo buddies
« Last post by Amy on July 17, 2013, 06:44:56 pm »
Seeking to create Evo Buddies (evolution buddies)
A social platform for people for find a buddy
The ascension process is an individual one
Leaving many of us isolated, scared and feeling alone
On my own personal journey when I connected with a like
Minded soul(my evo buddy). Someone to share, exchange an just hold loving
Space for each other!   Our expansions were happening faster.
I envision creating a online site for other to find a buddy!!
If anyone is interested in co creating  (tech is needed)
Feel free to reach out!!
Lots of love to all
Intentional Communities and Projects / Homeshares or Temporary Housing Exchange
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 06:03:53 pm »
Some of us may find is necessary or preferable in the coming times to relocate to a new location geographically, for any number of reasons. If you are in a position to share your home with another, or you are looking to explore a different part of the world and need a friendly place to stay, this is the place to make such a connection. Please comment or post below if you are in either of these categories, and we will do our best as a community to support one another.
Awakening Stories / Hi! I'm Katie
« Last post by katiewack on July 17, 2013, 04:05:12 pm »
Hi Everyone! So, thought this would be a great starting place for everyone..

So, a little bit about me and my "awakening"

Well, I've always been semi-awake since birth. The 1st book genre into was always paranormal related (at 7 years old) and the TV show "Unsolved Mysteries" was one of my FAVES! I grew up Orthodox Catholic, and attended church twice a week from the ages of 4-16. By the time I was old enough to think for myself (16), I was OVER IT. I definitely played the "ignorance is bliss" card a bit and went into the spiritual woo-woo closet more than once in my life, just so I could have some freaking friends!

I seemed to have paired up my Saturn Return (28-31 years of life) with the 2012 shift and it catapulted me FULLY into where I am now. In January 2009, I came to the conclusion that I just couldn't work for anyone anymore and started my own "business", freelance graphic design and publishing magazines. I had a degree in Graphic Design and figured might as well use it. I am also a certified yoga instructor, but just could never make any money at it, so I just stuck with the "mundane". In 2009, I got married that year to a wonderful man (soul cousin - not soul family), and had 1 year of marriage bliss until my consciousness shot light years into the "future" . Aaahhh, now that story of the "final awakening".

In 2010, one of my Clients (freelance GD) was holding a weekly Leadership Circle, and it was amazing. Well, it gradually turned into a power struggle between him and me. Its hard to me to remember what was the cause exactly, but what it reminds me of is Dark Moon Lilith comes out of her closet, and was Not Too Happy being in there. After years of suppressing what I intuitively "knew", this "leader" tried to control me and told me I could not be a part of their group circle because I was not conforming to his "leadership" requests, I about lost it.

At the same time, I realized that my Yoga Teacher from New Orleans (Sean Johnson) was going to be at the Telluride Yoga Festival & I hadn't seen him since I left 'Nawlins 6 years ago. The combination of both experiences on the Same Day, quite literally, opened up my chakras, and within 3 days, crickets filled up my house ( rep. leaps of consciousness), couldn't work my computer programs, started speaking in parables, and I looked at my husband and thought " Oh my, who did I marry?"

Essentially, a higher aspect of myself "walked-in" to this body and I haven't been the same since. Yet, I have lowered my vibration a bit to blend in a bit more, and allow my physical body to "catch up".

Then came the timeline changes. My husband and I were married for almost 2 years (but after awakening, the marriage was over after the 1st year - took 1 year to heal and unravel the union). He's got a great heart, but not really wanting to delve into the woo-woo aspects of life, and I finally came "out of the closet".  In June 2011, I met my soul mate Ethan, who happens to be 10 years younger than me! I was actually friends with his Dad before we met, and after being away from Colorado for 2 years, he had his own awakening experience and came back home to "regroup" himself. Glad we found each other because after going through a similar experience, I was one of the few people who didn't think he needed to "get Help".

My work at the time was co-publishing a local conscious living magazine (layout / design), so I realized I could take my work wherever I went. Ethan & I lived in a variety of locations, but mostly out of a tent and with his dad (in a Pyramid house) for a few months before we left for California for the winter, November 2011. Colorado is too cold to live in a tent!

E & I wanted to explore communities, hopefully find our Home, and experience first hand what was going on in the Community Scene. We traveled and experienced farms, non-profit CORPORATIONS, homesteads, Occupy the Farm (yeah - that's a good story), and everywhere we went seemed to be some kind of hierarchy, of Slavery/Ownership paradigm thinking (except the single family homesteads - they were cool, but in transition themselves). So, after 6 months of traveling, we got boomeranged back to the Four Corners May 22, 2012. When we first got back here, I was NOT HAPPY... I was actually quite disappointed that what were were looking for just didn't seem to exist! I mean, it was California! The leading edge on New Paradigm thinking...

2012 was pretty much a Dark Night of the Soul for me. I was avidly following David Wilcock, and was waiting for the "Mass Arrests". 4th of July 2012 was really disappointing, HOWEVER, I sent a part of me out into the cosmos and processed the disappointment for weeks. I just couldn't picture myself living in a world with lack, limitation, & modern day slavery, and wanted OUT of here. My internal world of freedom and abundance was NOT matching my outer world. I gave the Universe an ultimatum, Go Big or Go Home!

Simultaneously, I was changing my diet (got off sugar - that was HUGE), and actively clearing psychic parasites from my energy field with the help of a few local healers. Well, July 15, 2012 I had a dream where I was at The Event. It was really fleeting, but I woke up in the middle of the night and said to E  " The Event! It happened! I was just there! I Found the Timeline!". The last scene I remember of the dream is when I came to in it, with E & I standing in a city square, like a concrete jungle, the sun high in the sky, and the Energy -whooo! Here is how I would describe it: Blue, Crystalline, Crisp, Clear, like the veil blankets had just been taken off Permanently, Free & Expansive!

5 days later, my magazine business partners and I had a MAJOR falling out. Talk about lack of transparency! Once again, Slavery/Ownership paradigm thought forms running rampant. I had to process that one for pretty much the whole month of August.

Then September came, and winter was just around the corner. So, I took the last little bit of savings$ I had and bought a yurt. So incredible, the people I bought it from were soooo connected to the Earth. The couple came with their 18 month old who they gave birth to Without any outside assistance (no midwife, hospital, nothing!), in another one of their yurts. Once again, Slavery / Ownership paradigm consciousness was prevalent in the "land Owner" and she began psychically attacking me, demanding that I pay her back pay for living on her property, etc. Essentially, she was "giving with a closed fist". So, I took all the energy I had and spent it on manifesting a place to live, to put up the yurt on open yet hidden land in Mancos, live peacefully, pay rent, and live my life. E & I moved the yurt with the help of some friends Sept 30 2012.

And that is where we are today. I call this place the Community Half-way House, cause we are halfway there! Our housemates are still deeply attached to lack and limitation, even though we have attempted to express how things have changed. They want nothing to do with it. We have been slowly drifting apart. We don't even hang out with each other. What we want to talk about is so on another wavelength, anything else is just not in resonance anymore.

 By the time we move this coming October, we will have been here for 1 year. Why are we moving? Well, the drought is horrific, and you can't grow veggies without water.

What are we looking for? Our landing pad! A home where we can create our healing yoga art sound retreat farm village community! Where we can anchor the earth grid space in a vibration high enough for our galactic brothers and sisters to actually Land! Where the devas and fae / gnome people can come out and show themselves!

We are here to create the free & expansive village blueprint. And that is where I am at for now  ;D

Oh! and the Garden is MUCH BIGGER now - I'll post pics when I get them.
Awakening Stories / Hi, I'm Heidi!
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 02:37:13 pm »
A little about my back story. First of all, let me preface by saying that I am not 'gifted' in healing, working with energy, telepathy, don't see spirits or our Cosmic friends, although I very much desire to learn all of these skills (or develop my inherent traits, as the case may be.) I have been fascinated all my life with things outside of the mundane- anything paranormal or edgy- spent a lot of time in the "100 section" at the library. :D And have been a 'seeker' for all of my life. I was not raised/brainwashed with any religion, although my [genetic] family's beliefs draw from Judeo-Christian values. I spent a few years practicing with a group of Wiccans in my early adulthood, and it seemed that there was real power behind the 'work' we did, gathering during the moons and solstices, etc. But for me, I still felt a little like an outsider because I could not 'see' what we were manifesting. The key was in the fellowship, because I felt safe and among 'my people' for once.

Then about 10 years ago, I had a series of revelations/downloads/epiphanies come to me spontaneously which related to our energetic and magnetic nature, principles of attraction and repulsion, the power of intent in directing our interactions with others and the environment, abundance (signified by a cup overflowing, the more you pour out (of yourself), the more it is refilled.) I had no earthly explanation for this knowledge, and although I spoke of it to a few, I was looked at like a loon, the standard skeptical response, and so it remained quietly in my own mind. In seeking an explanation for this communication I'd received, I was guided into learning about Jesus, and for the first time began reading the bible, starting with the New Testament. I felt the 'red letter words' speak to me directly, and became convinced of the validity of Christ's work and its significance to humanity and creation. So, as a good Christian should, I sought community with a church and was welcomed by a great group of people with a very new and hip approach to the Word. I stayed with that community for a few years, but began to feel let down as my nagging questions and inconsistencies I'd noted within the biblical teachings went unanswered. I just found myself in disagreement over certain tenets of the faith, interpretations which I did not 'buy into'. So I went a separate direction.

Over the course of these past 10 years, I have been married twice (and still am) and now have two sons, age 3 and 5. I've bounced around jobs, often working multiple part-time gigs to support myself (in the time between my marriages). But I have striven to apply myself (when possible) to work in an area of interest to me, as long as it was a practical source of income. I long for the day when thought of profit or "how much can I make?" is no longer the motivation behind what we choose to invest our time and energy in. For a number of reasons, I am currently unemployed. I left my secure job as a Union Apprentice in Low Voltage Electrical/Telecom/Data 6 months ago because I could no longer in good conscience contribute to the corrupt system of slavery. I think it significant that I felt called to the electrical trade; as I am learning more about the energetic nature of all of existence, it helps to give me a good foundation. I have also worked in Radio Broadcasting (a detour from my original 'plan' to go into music production/engineering.) I am a musician, and definitely know the power of sound/frequency/vibration. I see myself doing something more with this in the future- perhaps an artists collective with a recording studio, performance space, and maybe even a media network for broadcasting locally produced shows. The vision is much larger than that now, and includes a cultural center with healing and spiritual development and sustainable living as key elements.
Awakening Stories / Introductions
« Last post by Ingeheid on July 17, 2013, 02:34:36 pm »
Hello, All! This is Heidi from the Locum Synodalum Skype group. Thank you for joining us in this format, which will hopefully complement the 'live' elements of the chat room by being able to more easily categorize, search and browse topics. I'd like to start with introductions, so as you create your profile on soulfamily, please tell us a little about yourself, and your story of 'awakening' to this point. Thank you, and Namaste!
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