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Intentional Communities and Projects / Re: Evo buddies
« Last post by Joseph Bryan-Royster on January 07, 2014, 11:10:27 am »
Hi Amy,

I listened to Elemental Evolution on 5D Media network this morning and am seeking a social networking connection for building the New Paradigm together with like minded people. I follow the OPAL Tour and am participating in the OPAL East Coast Interface and have computer issues trying to use Project XIII as a social networking platform though I have an AES key for access. Microsoft Silverlight, upon which this encrypted program runs does not allow a large enough window for clicking navigation bars at the edges of the dashboard on my Toshiba laptop. I think this was a download issue with a beta version, so I have no way to use Caleb Skinner's software without technical help. Until this is resolved, Evobuddies seems to be my best social networking option here among the One People and I just joined Soul Family so may connect with you and others who become Evobuddies. Collective individual sovereignty as equals is the only non-hierarchal alternative to the current competitive market system here on Earth and I look to see ecovillages forming and creating a de-centralized network of co-operation for transforming this planet...
Healing and Wellness / Cancer and Probiotics Breakthrough
« Last post by gail on August 01, 2013, 03:55:08 am »
The details are somewhat technical but I also suggest this is an article you should forward to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer:
People need to know that much of their immune response comes from the gut.  My major concern is the damage done to our GI tract by the unknown ingestion of GMO's hidden in the American food supply.  Work on eating foods with one to three whole food ingredients to avoid hidden GMOs
Creative Arts / All Part of the Game 1985
« Last post by gail on July 31, 2013, 10:12:54 pm »

Hunger and starvation are political acts

A weapon to use with well covered tracks

How food is distributed is the key

Human suffering the result of the powers that be

Women and children are powerless groups

Men wage the war women bear the troops

What ever happened to the great human race

Much that is done is such a disgrace

We **** the land and kill our kind

The superior animal gone out of its mind

And, those that determine a standard of living

Are the least likely to be very giving

The money the glory, the power and fame

Deception and Lies All Part of the Game
Prayer Requests / Re: Prayer Request for ONE to Hold Sacred Neutral Space
« Last post by Ashuel on July 25, 2013, 09:41:57 am »
Been thinking about you guys.
Your request has engaged a forceful response in me not a tender one towards the oppositional nature of the situation.
Keep us updated.
The One People / I UV / Koha received and Koha given
« Last post by maddtom on July 24, 2013, 09:21:29 pm »
Kiri Campbell
2 hours ago
Now is the time for the Call to Hikoi... A conch trumpet in my ears... Funding is available from The One People. Use it and Let's March !!! 200,000 women stand ready and waiting. The People will support $1-5 each. We need around 10 M to do it. It will be a world spectacle... David Icke's "The People's Voice" will cover... Plus independent videographers covering the 5 points of movement - Daily YouTube updates... The eyes of the world watching women with young in pushchairs marching from Cape Reigna, Bluff, East Cape, Taranaki, Fiordland ~ the women march to cleanse and clear the land... To weep and laugh. And learn the chants and haka of Mana Wahine for delivery in Wellington. Delivery of Foreclosure Fliers and CN's into every corporate trader along the route... Rental of trucks and canvas cover if the Army can't be commandeered into service for The People. The men clear the way for the women to pass through. We bring a wave of Force from North, South, East and West to reveal the hidden things... And camp on The People's lawn outside the Big House. We shall not be moved. 8 weeks. Koha received and Koha given. Cleansing of the land. Difficult but True. It can be done.... To Re-Purpose the TSB. Spring is the time for warfare.
Prayer Requests / Prayer Request for ONE to Hold Sacred Neutral Space
« Last post by katiewack on July 24, 2013, 08:27:32 pm »
Hello my dear family, I have a prayer request for me in my current living situation. May we create peace, love, compassion, joy, and kindness.

I can feel the heat, and a community group circle is being called. Please hold us in your thoughts.

Thank you.

Using fake names on Facebook, the Surveillance State, androids
By Jon Rappoport
July 23, 2013
File this one in the ever-burgeoning category of: how insane can legislators get?
Congress is now debating an update to the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
Turns out it’s already a misdemeanor to “exceed authorized use” of a computer, but the DOJ wants to make it a felony.
Of course, what does “exceeds authorized use” mean? Well, it means, for instance, an employee sending emails to pals while he’s at the office—because his employer has a rule against that.
In other words, the feds want to back up employers’ rules and turn them into felonies. Splendid.
“Yeah, you remember Jack, don’t you? Used to work here? One day he made an online reservation at the Wynn in Vegas, and now he’s in jail. Life is tough, keep your eyes straight ahead and don’t mess with the boss.”
“And Betty? She ordered three lipsticks on a slow Thursday and she’s now upstate. I hear the shrinks got hold of her. Dosing her with an anti-psychotic. Hope she has three live brain cells to rub together when she gets out.”
Then there’s the Facebook issue. The company, originally bankrolled by a CIA front, has a rule against users setting up accounts with fake names. Does the DOJ want to go after Facebook users who break the rules?
The Surveillance State, aided by Facebook, wants to know who you are at all times. They want you to be your name and no other name.

It’s a technical issue, see? It’s a lot easier to spy on you if you’re Mary Jones all the time when you’re online. As opposed to Mary Jones and Dragon Lady and HiHat and Ben Franklin and The Beast From 40 Fathoms…
The joke is, most people lead lives that are fictional already. The NSA and its allied partners spy on those lives.
Here’s the same thing from another angle. John Smith, citizen, follows the straight and narrow. He, like every other John Smith, is a target of the Surveillance State. He hasn’t committed any crimes. He isn’t a threat. But that doesn’t matter. He’s there. He’s a unit. Therefore, he’s on the radar.
But John Smith is a fiction. He’s a convenient, solid, average, normal persona/role in the stage play called Society cooked up by the Real John Smith, who is hiding. Inside himself. You rarely see him. Once in a blue moon, he pokes his head out and says something off-key. Then he retreats behind his facade.
There are millions and John Smiths, and the NSA is spying on all of them. The fake ones. The fictions.
What if every John Smith invented six or seven new personae?
“Sir, are you pretending to be somebody else?”
“Yes, and the pretending is now more intense. It’s ongoing.”
“But you see, sir, that introduces confusion, when we spy on you.”
“I used to believe I was a John Smith android forever. Wow, was I kidding myself. I used to go to one church service on Sunday. Now I go to three different churches. And I’m also an atheist.”
“Excuse me?”
“I campaigned for Democrats only. Now I campaign for Democrats, Republican, Libertarians, Communists, and Anarchists. Of course I don’t vote for anyone. I’m exploring monarchy as well. I think the divine right of kings could make a comeback.”
“But who do you actually worship?”
“The NSA, of course. And the CIA and DIA, Interpol, MI-5, the old GRU, and the Chinese Secret Service.”
“Sir, we have you on the record talking about eight different wives.”
“Only eight? I must have misplaced a couple.”
Some people will assume I mean they should actually marry a dozen women. Those people are the literalists. They always go for the lowest-common-denominator reading. They think if they have a little fun, do a little acting, a little pretending, it might infect their minds. It might take them over. They’re the John Smiths. They live inside walls of fear.
Reality is one fiction among a limitless number of possible realities.
The basic problem with Reality is that’s it’s only one.
Any baby can teach you that. Play with the kid in just one way, over and over, and he’ll develop an itch he can’t scratch. He’ll cry and go off on you. Play with him a hundred different ways and he’ll gurgle and laugh and wriggle and decide coming into this life was a good idea after all.
Every kid needs an uncle and an aunt and a few cousins and a brother or sister. Parents tend to repeat themselves. Their repertoire wears thin. The kid needs a boost, a change, a different face, a new joke, a shift of rhythm.

People who can make you laugh take you out. They take you out of the one, forever, exhausting IS. Reality is the fiction of one and only one IS.

There are two types of laughs. One blows up reality. The other, which is the android laugh, comes across like tranquilized mule with a hernia.
The NSA is super-serious about the one persona that is supposed to be the super-serious you. That’s what they’re spying on.
The internet thrives on anonymity. This causes a lot of nonsense and crap to surface. That’s the price we pay. But the Surveillance State doesn’t want anonymity. It wants “just the facts.”
It wants to scare people into being their android-selves and nothing more, nothing else. It wants The One Reality. If they can make that happen, they win. Afterward, it really doesn’t matter what people do.
I remember watching the very first episode of the original CSI. At the murder scene, the techs were going over an apartment, collecting evidence, bagging it. Then we were back in the lab. More analysis.
I thought, are they kidding? They believe people want to watch this stuff?
Well, people did. They wanted to watch the lab, the fine-tuning of hair, blood, DNA. The categorization, the tracking, the accessing of the data banks.
The first cousin to Surveillance.
You want to talk about operant conditioning? The whole CSI franchise is one giant psyop. For more than a decade. Getting people used to ubiquitous looking and spying and tracking, on behalf of justice.
That’s what NSA wants to be. That’s how NSA wants the public to view it.
Super-serious-android-NSA spying on super-serious-android-us. In the one and only Reality. That’s the op.
So…step back and calculate our chances if we continue to live in the one and only Reality and try to fight them from that position.
Of course, entering and inventing other realities takes imagination. That’s the catch. It always was.
Ever since the first elite priest class on Earth cooked up some crazy spiritual Ponzi scheme to suck in the rubes, imagination has been the nemesis of the State.
Paraphrasing Grouch Marx: “In the 1930s, you could make a movie in which a woman fell down a flight of stairs, and people would laugh. But eventually it couldn’t be a movie. It had to be a real woman falling down a real flight of stairs.”
People are trained like dogs to appreciate and accept only one IS. The “real” IS. They convince themselves this is a good idea. These people are unconscious allies of the Surveillance State.
What’s that? People are into all sorts of multiple virtual realities? Yes, for a while, but they keep coming back to believing in The One and Only Just-the-Facts Reality. If they actually wanted new realities, they’d be cooking them up themselves, they wouldn’t be dreaming inside somebody else’s.
In light of all of the above, the universe of propaganda becomes more vivid. Its aim is reduction. Reduction of the way we see ourselves. We’re given bound images of human beings as citizens living in a walled fortress, where our every thought and action needs to be boiled down and made transparent, so our leaders can make threat assessments.
This is the fiction we’re being fed. Over and over.
“It’s not asking too much, is it? It’s too hard to seek out and find terrorists. We need to collect everything on everybody, and then with suitable algorithms established, we can select out the dangerous ones.
“In fact, it’s better if we consider everybody dangerous and track and limit their movements. That works.”
Yes, the NSA is looking at you. They’re looking at you as if you’re an android. Well, naturally. They’re androids. Wherever they look, they see androids.
Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at
Healing and Wellness / Natural Health Options
« Last post by gail on July 23, 2013, 07:36:43 am » 

This is a place to look up herbal remedies, non toxic approaches to health and good information/truth about nutrition and health ;)
The One People / I UV / Kiri Campbell’s Words in Hawera Court House NZ, 7.23.13
« Last post by maddtom on July 22, 2013, 11:06:03 pm »
Kiri Campbell’s Words in Hawera Court House NZ, 7.23.13

“The courts have ruled that the ONLY authority held by the government is authority that was delegated by, “We the people”. The courts have also said that, “We the people” have all of the rights of the king. Therefore, we are all kings and queens”

BE IT KNOWN that all persons claiming professional association with the existing court system also including ministers, police, bailiffs, magistrates, judges, registrars and deputy registrars and other court officers and employees and all other agents and prosecutors (from now referred to as INOR,( in need of redemption) from varying other sources within the New Zealand company structure and substructure are herewith noticed to stop and to recuse themselves immediately in all and any further action and involvements and relating to their respective positions.

You could face charges in a common law court and in a trail by jury for treason or high treason for the past and present involvement in undue process of justice and perversion of justice by fraud, contempt, trespass, sedition and any unauthorized administration of Estates (or trusts) or persons without authority of delegation from any executor offices, abandonment of their oaths of office as public servants and for impersonation of positions held under your oaths taken when as a matter of fact being engaged in commercial, revenue generating enterprise contrary to the position supposed to have held.

We the people could agree to appoint a transitional chief administrator who could take over the keys or other means of access to the buildings to coordinate the conversion of the existing buildings and administration of record keeping back to their original purpose of administering real justice.

All records and all chattels would have to remain onsite and full access to the chief administrator or people appointed by the chief administrator would be provided from that day forward to commence a review and full audit of the previous court activities and level of involvement of all INOR in treasonous behavior and any other crime committed against the people.

BE IT KNOWN to all women and men that this land is a common law jurisdiction and that all lawful courts are common law courts where free men can exercise their inalienable right to trial by jury.

Is it not true that all court buildings are standing on the land of the people, the internal sovereign heads making up the one and only true crown, and being the land granted for the purpose of administering justice by the rule of law, and being land without certificate of title or sales and purchase agreement, which would define ownership? Is it not true that the original grant given to occupy the land the court building stands on was to facilitate justice as public service providers and as public servants and the servants to the people could one day be revoked by the internal sovereign heads, the people, who could authorise and execute a notice of this nature.

Is it not true that any officer of any court, and any government official also including New Zealand police who have attempted to compel or compelled one of “the people”, into their foreign corporate commercial jurisdiction by accusing them of being a “person” has perjured their oaths, and were engaging in TREASON, and SEDITION, and they have no immunity whatsoever, because all officers of all courts are presumed to know the law?

Is it not true that no government official who represents ANYTHING about NEW ZEALAND has any authority whatsoever over “the people”, and the minute he or she attempts to assert any such authority, he or she immediately perjures his oaths, engages in TREASON (breach of trust) and is engaged in SEDITION, because he or she is making war against the established government which is “the people”, and he or she immediately loses all immunity he or she might otherwise enjoy?

Is it not true that it is essential to the preservation of truth, justice and freedom to affirm oneself to the right to trial by jury and that any denial of this right by anyone constitutes treason against the man and woman standing on the land. No parliament (part of management committee) of the New Zealand company can legislate to abolish or diminish this right protecting life, liberty and property in a common law jurisdiction and have no standing as sovereign crown and never had such a standing as sovereignty was never ceded to the New Zealand company by the man and woman on the land?

Is it not true that it is the duty and responsibility of jurors only to judge the facts and law presented to them, so that they can administer Justice to all parties in any action?

Is it not true that unless a court obtained the clear, written, witnessed and unequivocal consent of all parties with full disclosure given and full understanding of definitions and interpretations of all words used, in plain English, and without duress applied or threats being made or tricked or deceived, to be without a jury? Is it not true that any court without such consent been given has and never had jurisdiction to proceed summarily and any such awards, doings and proceedings shall be held to be null and void and any cases (constructive trusts) to be corrected now and recorded accordingly including the release of all parties unlawfully charged and held, to be now released from any order which was given via a magistrate, adjudicator, judge, deputy registrar or registrar acting under the summary proceedings without such proof of claim of consent?

Is it not true that there cannot be any trust or confidence in the process INOR has engaged in and all persons involved hold full personal and commercial unlimited liabilities?

Perhaps very soon INOR will have to vacate the buildings and land and be recused from engagement from the presently existing court system?
The One People / I UV / Comments on Kiri
« Last post by maddtom on July 22, 2013, 03:45:44 pm »
 Vincent Comments on Kiri

By Brian Kelly

After re-reading this message from Victor, I realize it deserves it's own post. Well said Victor :) ~BK

Received this email for Kiri. Awesome!:

I posted a comment on your blog re the Kiri event, and I suppose I opted out when it came to verifying my google credentials. I won't go there beyond saying we all have to divest ourselves of anything google or microsoft or whatever (I will be giving up my google mail account shortly).

I absolutely love what Kiri did, and the comment I was attempting to make was in response to what Nate said, which I immediately recognized as insightful.

TPTB will have to prove intent, and since she did her homework and provided all of the notice anyone could have expected, proving that she had criminal intent will be difficult. Why she decided to use checks from a closed account I can't imagine, but that's water over the damned dam. LOL

On the other hand, if their judicial system is only half as corrupt as the United States, they'll just ignore the law and try to force her to plea bargain. I went through that in 1994 when I had them with their pants down, and now the One People's movement is taking up where I left off. The difference is the support system. I had very little back then, but it didn't stop me from going full tilt. That's why I can so relate to Kiri and what she did. For me it was all about mot leaving my children the same corrupt system I was given.

I would love to see bar attorneys with the balls to come forward take up her case and let people see the judges threatening them with disbarment if they continue to push valid legal arguments that have every basis in law  and fact, but would expose the system for what it is.

I wish her all the best, and I truly hope that the entire One People's movement rallies behind her to move this into a place TPTB never dreamed could come about.

And 1/2 an hour into the interview with Kiri (you, Bob and Lisa), no way in hell they'll ever prove intent, and I beg you to pass that on to her.

You don't need to reply to this. Kiri is definitely guided, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she was in the company of very powerful spiritual forces when she was arrested. It was no mere coincidence that her aunt (or whoever that was) came along to take her children at the point where she was being arrested. That was an affirmation from the world at large (ala Castaneda's don Juan, if you will).

I can so relate to the fact that they tried to coerce her into responding with hostility, and she just remained in her space, meditating in her cell. I did all of that, and they couldn't coerce me into putting my smile away, because I didn't hold them responsible for what their programs dictated. I was stripped and searched and all of those things, and I never wavered from being who I am. This woman is a gift to the higher frequencies we are all intended to be invoking.

I have often said that I was among those who came as the first wave, and I am totally gobsmacked to realize that Kiri is among those for whom we were preparing the way, and there are yet more to come after us. This is a movement that cannot be stopped. I am totally impressed by Kiri, because I see myself back then in 1994, with three children, knowing I was going to be sentenced and wouldn't see  my children again in freedom for 28 months. I love her, and I love all of you, which I've said many times to D in the correspondence I've had with her.

We are One, and there is only The One. Kiri has to know what she represents, and that is the movement into our future, in the eternal Now Moment. She need have no fear. And I love her New Zealand accent and pronunciation. If you had any idea what I put TPTB through when I had practically no support (but what I had was awesome), you would understand how much I appreciate what Kiri had the energetic presence to do. If I can offer anything in support, please tell me.

And I truly am sorry to have been so moved by this event that I've taken so much of your email time. LOL

Much Love and Light,

Vincent (Luciano da Uno, we are all Light of The One)
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