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Title: New Mission (my vision of an intentional community)
Post by: Ingeheid on July 22, 2013, 03:37:11 pm
As the One People eagerly await the launch of Project XIII and the I-UV Ixchange, I feel compelled to begin generating the ideas, energy and excitement that will back the projects I wish to see manifest. As the scope of my vision increases, I wish to network and find community with those seeking a "New Paradigm" way of life. Individuals, families and professionals are welcome to participate in offering their input and expertise toward the goal of creating a new local reality in parallel with the common '3D' model.

I envision a hub where art, health, spirituality and technology co-exist to form a vibrant and diverse cultural center. Community gardens and green residences surround a Center House hosting artist studios, communal kitchen and dining room, natural healing practice, spiritual development center, children's nursery, performance space and a library with classrooms for schooling or seminars. These are just a few of my ideas to start.

Here is but a short (lol) bulleted list of what I hope to accomplish.

1.   Acquiring the land. The hope is that through the use of soon-to-launch 'Now' tools, a group of us could secure property via creative arrangements directly with the property owners. If you are a follower of the work of the One People's Public Trust (OPPT, now retired) and the I-UV, you know that traditional mortgage and bank instruments are a thing of the past. If you're not familiar, I highly recommend gaining a background and researching for yourself at Some main considerations with the locale are:

Natural setting, semi rural in or around the coastal Olympic Peninsula or Olympic Mountains. (Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap Counties?)
Acreage suited for multi-family residential and agriculture. Mixed use
Situated near freshwater stream, river or spring, or an existing well
High energy locale- vortex or ley lines?
Available infrastructure
Building and site planning and design- green architecture and minimalist living spaces- yurts, Earthships, other non-traditional building styles
Soil and water testing- determining minimal or non-existing environmental toxicity
Permits? Not sure about permitting authority, given the foreclosure of corporate governments...

2.   Artists collective. This is really 'my baby' in the sense that much of my background lies in the area of music performance and production, as well as radio broadcasting.
Recording and broadcast studios
Rehearsal and performance space, maybe an outdoor stage or amphitheater to host travelling artists
Media network- talk and music produced locally
Artist stalls for jewelry, painting, textiles and clothing, other crafts to have a display and market space

3.   Healing and spiritual development center
Education and workshops/seminars
Energy disciplines such as reiki, source energy manifestation,  akashic atunement,  chi gong, etc.
Therapy of various disciplines
Yoga and fitness room
Meditation spaces
Library and study spaces

4.   Community gardens
Greenhouses and natural plantings
Veggies, fruit orchards, herbs
Organic, non-GMO crops (of course)
Dairy cows and chickens- barn
Farmers market

5.   Shelter
Center house allowing for shared dwelling apartments or condos
Sustainable and green single family housing. Yurts, earthships, etc.
Energy source- solar,  hydro, free energy generator
Inn-type accomodations at center house

6. Specialties sought
Builders and indi contractors for design implementation and construction/maintenance
Administrator for community events and outreach, managing resources
Artists and craft workers
Gardeners and herbalists
Naturopathic and spiritual healers
Energy masters and lightworkers
Teachers and childcare providers
Technicians and network operations team

As you can see, I have quite a lot to accomplish. Which is why I am reaching out to you! Please feel free to comment/share your input. This is only a first step toward creating our new reality. So who's in?