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Title: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: katiewack on July 18, 2013, 05:20:14 pm
I just wanted to post this in the "general community info" section, because in the 2 years I've been searching, I always seem to hit an invisible wall. Guess what is it - the Collective consciousness' obsession with Lack and Limitation!

Wherever you go, there you are, right? The saying most definitely applies when you are "searching" for your home community.

I never bought into the whole "mortgage" thing. It never made sense to me. Sure, I'm 32, all my peers are doing it... its the Only Way! Right, well, becoming an indentured servant never really sat well with me. Also, I have never really liked living in a house long enough to stay there forever. So what is a gal to do?

I suppose go on an adventure! My ex-husband didn't quite like the idea of "living with strangers" , hence the "ex" part :P  But for me, it sounded fascinating. I love the idea of living with others so that I am able to witness all parts of ME. Believe me when I say this, when you live in community, you are "married" to those people too. I mean, you can always leave, but all the shadows, all the things we try to hide from everyone, all the masks we wear in society, inevitably come out and masks come off. There is no way getting around it, unless you hermit out and avoid people, but even then, its either surrender to the community vibe or leave.

After avidly searching for our "home" for 2 years now, I'm convinced that ALL INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES ( and I'm serious ALL OF THEM) are still steeped in Old Paradigm Hierarchy Consciousness. I am Open to Anyone challenging me on this one. Find me a community where there is no "ownership", no rent, no bills, no having to work specific hours a week just to live (as an indentured servant) "freely" on the land, none of it. MARK MY WORDS - it does NOT EXIST (as I write this 7/18/13), yet.... Why is this? Could it be that the majority of the world population believes that there is a purported "authority" above them? Could it be that they have been programmed and conditioned to believe that they "owe" another (bank, government, whatever) just to LIVE?

It all stems down to that one belief - and its a world wide epidemic! I mean, look at the Anastasia Communities! Why do you think that the PTW "passed" all those "laws" preventing people from living together in community! Because we are more powerful united together as a collective, then living apart - separated by fences. The PTW even bombed civilian villages in the middle east in the '90s (Bill Brockbrader tell all) to break up the local reality communities!

Seriously, it's the final key... Living in community Free from debt slavery, and accessing our value.

Oh and one more thing, If you are not willing to look at your inner crap pile, community living is not for you. Nothing personal, it's just inevitable. Your crap will come up, one way or another, and its either - look at it, process it, change, and grow, or scadaddle.

But if you do scadaddle - remember, wherever you go, there you are!!  ;D
Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: Ingeheid on July 18, 2013, 10:30:15 pm
Amen, Katie! They do not exist- YET. Part of this work we are about is developing a new Template. So many people are with you on this, and we will make it happen. I also relate about how your ex did not want to live in community. That is a HUGE point of contention for me right now in my family. Some simply prefer OWNERSHIP and FENCES!
Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: Victoria UK on July 19, 2013, 03:03:48 pm
It brings to mind an adage my mother always said:  "Close the curtains because if I can't see out, then they can't see in."  It can be so uncomfortable the feeling of being vulnerable.  But that just has to do with the paradigm of separation. Not to state the obvious but I think therein lies the issue. Whenever I feel vulnerable I tend to go on high defence.  When you're around people that you don't really know - for long periods of time, (i.e. community living), it is inevitable that the mask has to come off sometime which can make one feel insecure - and that can be quite scary. I think it's going to be real interesting to witness how the concept of community evolves, as the new paradigms about community come into play and what we can bring to bear upon it's evolution.  But anyway, I guess that's why we're all here on this forum - to start creating new templates.
Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: katiewack on July 19, 2013, 10:34:56 pm
I love you all so much!! Thank you thank you for being another Myself

I just listened to Kiri - OMG - BEAMING!!! Sending that love to the collective ONE....

Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: Alia and Tomas on July 19, 2013, 11:42:33 pm
Dear Soul Family,

Right on Katie! Tomas and I are writing this together. We agree with every line in your post. New Paradigm Communities are nothing we have seen to date. Both of us have lived in several that were strongly tainted by the old paradigm.

Our intention is to use this forum to find partners who resonate with one another enough to actually commit to co-creating such communities. On a virtual forum, such as this one, we feel that the most effective first step is to identify those forum members who feel they are ready, here and now, to make this commitment.

Following is a set of questions that may help to clarify our individual position on key points.

1) Are you committed to being responsible for 100% of your BEing and DOing?

2) Are you willing to hold yourself as a sovereign being, respecting the sovereignty and equality of every other member in a community?

3) Can you put aside any old paradigm/linear thought and behavior patterns and jump into an unknown creative energy field to discover what wants to emerge through us as pioneers of Nova Earth?

4) Can you answer truthfully (within yourself) that you are willing to let go of any attachments to old paradigm thinking and doing (material, mental, emotional "stuff") and allow the unified power of the Soul Family to manifest in new ways -- effortlessly and joyously?

5) Are you willing to open up to the love and understanding of the Soul Family when you are confronted by your limitations with respect to any of the above?

6) If you can answer  each of the above questions with a clear “Yes!”, then we suggest that we meet together IN PERSON, ASAP. Please reply to this post with your geographic location and how we can contact you.

We suggest that we keep this discussion within this forum so that it is completely transparent, even though we will have one another's contact information. This will allow new members to access this information and join us, should they desire.

Alia Chandler and Tomas Qubeck, Gold Beach, OR 97444
~ End ~

Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: Ingeheid on July 20, 2013, 02:22:16 am
Thanks Alia and Tomas! Those are some very thoughtful and essential questions to ask oneself. I have a good feeling that many of the folks here will find that they are able to answer "Yes!" to most, if not each of, your questions. Thank you for giving us some food for thought. I believe as we all get to know one another better, it will become apparent who we may be compatible with in a communal living situation. That is my most sincere hope!
Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: akia on July 21, 2013, 02:36:37 am
awesome what a great topic.  I agree and would say yes to the answers but im not going to join a cult.  i would have to really resonate with the people and feel welcome to open myself up. 
Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: Ingeheid on July 22, 2013, 01:54:11 am
Really Curt? A cult?  :o This space is a chance to find those with whom you resonate, and would WANT to share space with. No one is signing up for Jonestown, here.
Title: Re: My Experience Living in Community & Creating One - So far....
Post by: akia on July 22, 2013, 02:21:04 am
ha im not calling this a cult.