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« on: July 21, 2013, 07:16:55 pm »
So, the member list has grown. A lot. But I can't help but think that people join, look around, not see anything flashy or earth shaking and then go do something else. You see, what is not here is a bunch of stuff to read about. There is enough written all over hells half acre to go read. What is here, is the possibility of interaction. Magic happens when you talk to each other. What I have seen already is that this is the most non judgmental, easiest to to talk to group of people I have ever found in this world. So, ask a question (about anything), tell a story, introduce yourself. Tell us what your favorite kind of pie is. I feel like I found the most amazing people but it's like a school dance with a bunch of wallflowers. I want to dance with you. I would really like to know you (again).

My favorite pie is pumpkin.
I'm afraid of snakes because I was once eaten alive by one named Baal.
I really like chainsaws. I port them, increase compression. Lot's of tinkering.
I'm a former codeine addict and drunk. I still smoke like a chimney. 
I watch My Little Ponies with my daughters, and sometimes when my daughters aren't around I forget to shut it off on purpose.
Oh, and I can't dance. Not at all. But I'm not letting it stop me from doing it.


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Re: yup
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2013, 07:42:48 pm »
I'll play.

My favorite pie is apple.  Pumpkin pie I find to be absolutely disgusting and won't even allow the knife used on Jeff's pie to touch mine.
I also detest peanut butter, the smell alone makes me leave the room.  My daughter started kindergarten this year and for lunches she always wanted pb and j, so I would make them for her.
I grew up horseback riding.  I started when I was 7 years old and when I was 12, my parents bought me my own horse; an appaloosa mare named Gemini.  When I was 15, I was more interested in a social life, so my parents sold her to a friend.  Luckily, I was able to see her when ever I wanted and later in her life she had a foal.  Gem passed away in 2007.
I spend a lot of my time reading.  Love movies, and LOVE being in my garden with all of my plants.  I am a landscape designer, amateur, but that doesn't matter, it's what I love.
I also love to watch My little ponies with my daughters and my favorite pony is fluttershy.  My favorite shows to watch are Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Game of Thrones, and True Blood.
I'm a virgo/libra cusp, born in 1980.


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Re: yup
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2013, 12:47:47 am »
pie?  hmm  i would say apple crisp love it

I love marijuana been smoking it for quite some time now.  lately im on a break from it and too be honest kinda hard to break the habit.  i never was a fan of kids and broke off propsing to an ex because i was scared i would treat the kids like how my dad did.  Now my best friend has two kids and i love them to death and now i can relate to kids more.  I worked for Hewlett Packard for 8 yrs didn't mind it since i got to be my own boss most of the time.  till my boss got moved and was replaced with a male who had no clue how to run a business.  so i quit planning on growing lots of mj but decided against it and was went traveling.  I love anything that sparks my imagination


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Re: yup
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2013, 03:05:04 pm »
did you say.... Pie?

any kind- depends on the crust - oh wait - detest that rice custardy stuff... blehck...
SpongeBob SquarePants over here... and I always remember to change the channel. but love all the 'cartoon movies'
Never have I done drugs- as a deputy seen too much of the bad- never wanted to previous to that either.
tried to smoke - once- cured me of thinking sloe gin was an 'okay' drink....
I truly cannot dance- unless a beverage is on board
I have seen enough of the world to know that our leadership is simply trying to keep us apart- there is no difference other than language, festivals between 'us' and 'them'- we all love our families and want the best for them.