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Re: Soul Groupings/Families/Clans/Nations
« on: July 22, 2013, 01:46:47 am »
Started to reply to this earlier, but now I'll take the take the time. Picture the ripples on the pond as spheres, (x- and y- axis) and this will make more sense.

About 10 years ago, I had a marathon 'conversation' with myself as I drove home from work an hour+ away. It was revealed to me the true nature of our consciousness and how we interact with one another in an energetic sense through electromagnetism. I will try to do it justice, as it was a bit abstract even then, and I may have forgotten parts in the interim.

If you look at an atom, with the primary particle of the electron 'doing the work', and expand upon this, this is a very helpful model. The electron encircles the nucleus in a pattern of infinite potential (in all directions) at the speed of light, creating a 'cloud' or what appears a solid structure or sphere (the I AM spark or individual consciousness- the BEing). What determines the motion of this particle is the application of voltage (intent, the catalyst) which causes the particle to move in a polarized way (from - to +) toward the intended outcome. This is known as the current (DOing or manifesting). As current flows, it creates a field which radiates out perpendicular to the current's path. This is the EMF or Electro Motive Force (also electro magnetic field), which has the property of propulsion/repulsion based on the polarity. So you have infinite potential represented by the atom at rest (the BEing). Once a thought is activated through INTENTION, it CREATES a current which ATTRACTS similarly situated atoms (i.e. going in the same direction, or having the same 'intent') and thus the field expands. So you have many individual spheres each on their own trajectory based upon their own intents. When the intents match up, they begin to all head the same direction and repel those who offer an oppositional force. The space in between (in your example the water of the pond) is significant here, too, since it acts as the connection between each of the individual spheres and can transmit the collective intentions for all the spheres to act upon (you could view this as the Collective Consciousness).

The way I see it, each soul or I AM spark or fractal has history with a particular group or groups of other souls. We may have affinity for one or many based on the collective intentions of the group's members. I don't see it necessarily as important to locate and isolate the soul family groups, either. It is just a good starting point because others of your same origin will likely be the best 'triggers' for you to remember who and what you are. As Andrew Bartzis puts it, you trade soul codes in order to complete and integrate all the members of the soul family. Truly, we are all 'One' in the broadest sense imaginable. But finding our family roots will enable us all to become whole. Perhaps that is an essential step in the process. The trouble I am having is with 'recognizing' my own family members, vs. others with whom I simply share common interests or perspectives. It's not like we're all wearing name tags.