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Hi, I'm Heidi!
« on: July 17, 2013, 02:37:13 pm »
A little about my back story. First of all, let me preface by saying that I am not 'gifted' in healing, working with energy, telepathy, don't see spirits or our Cosmic friends, although I very much desire to learn all of these skills (or develop my inherent traits, as the case may be.) I have been fascinated all my life with things outside of the mundane- anything paranormal or edgy- spent a lot of time in the "100 section" at the library. :D And have been a 'seeker' for all of my life. I was not raised/brainwashed with any religion, although my [genetic] family's beliefs draw from Judeo-Christian values. I spent a few years practicing with a group of Wiccans in my early adulthood, and it seemed that there was real power behind the 'work' we did, gathering during the moons and solstices, etc. But for me, I still felt a little like an outsider because I could not 'see' what we were manifesting. The key was in the fellowship, because I felt safe and among 'my people' for once.

Then about 10 years ago, I had a series of revelations/downloads/epiphanies come to me spontaneously which related to our energetic and magnetic nature, principles of attraction and repulsion, the power of intent in directing our interactions with others and the environment, abundance (signified by a cup overflowing, the more you pour out (of yourself), the more it is refilled.) I had no earthly explanation for this knowledge, and although I spoke of it to a few, I was looked at like a loon, the standard skeptical response, and so it remained quietly in my own mind. In seeking an explanation for this communication I'd received, I was guided into learning about Jesus, and for the first time began reading the bible, starting with the New Testament. I felt the 'red letter words' speak to me directly, and became convinced of the validity of Christ's work and its significance to humanity and creation. So, as a good Christian should, I sought community with a church and was welcomed by a great group of people with a very new and hip approach to the Word. I stayed with that community for a few years, but began to feel let down as my nagging questions and inconsistencies I'd noted within the biblical teachings went unanswered. I just found myself in disagreement over certain tenets of the faith, interpretations which I did not 'buy into'. So I went a separate direction.

Over the course of these past 10 years, I have been married twice (and still am) and now have two sons, age 3 and 5. I've bounced around jobs, often working multiple part-time gigs to support myself (in the time between my marriages). But I have striven to apply myself (when possible) to work in an area of interest to me, as long as it was a practical source of income. I long for the day when thought of profit or "how much can I make?" is no longer the motivation behind what we choose to invest our time and energy in. For a number of reasons, I am currently unemployed. I left my secure job as a Union Apprentice in Low Voltage Electrical/Telecom/Data 6 months ago because I could no longer in good conscience contribute to the corrupt system of slavery. I think it significant that I felt called to the electrical trade; as I am learning more about the energetic nature of all of existence, it helps to give me a good foundation. I have also worked in Radio Broadcasting (a detour from my original 'plan' to go into music production/engineering.) I am a musician, and definitely know the power of sound/frequency/vibration. I see myself doing something more with this in the future- perhaps an artists collective with a recording studio, performance space, and maybe even a media network for broadcasting locally produced shows. The vision is much larger than that now, and includes a cultural center with healing and spiritual development and sustainable living as key elements.
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Re: Hi, I'm Heidi!
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We have much to share including your vision